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  • What happens if I ordered the wrong thing or put the incorrect shipping address?
    If you order the wrong product or enter the wrong shipping address, please contact us immediately via email, so we can cancel your order. Keep in mind you have 10 minutes to cancel your order. If you do not contact us after 10 minutes, we will have to move on with processing and shipping, regardless if the address is incorrect or not. If you insist on us canceling your order after the 10 minute grace period, a $50 restock fee will be deducted from the total you paid.
  • If I receive my package and wait to install your products, and an issue occur can I get a replacement?
    If you wait weeks, months, or years to use one of our products and alledgelly find an issue, we will NOT send a replacement due to us not knowing exactly if you are using our product or not. As mentioned before, if we do not receive an email within 24 hours of the delivery stamp, we have deem the merchandise as successful delivered, usable, and of perfect quality.
  • I made a purchase, but my order was canceled and I recived a refund. Why did this happen?"
    We have the right to decline all unwanted services. If we feel like your order is a threat to our company, we will cancel your order and refund your money immediately.
  • I ordered a few days ago and want to cancel. Can I?
    Once your order is placed, you have 10 minutes to cancel your order. After 10 minutes, your order is being processed and getting prepared to be shipped. We do not change address, you will have to contact the shipping carrier for that. So, please keep in mind the 10 minute grace-period, if you notice that your order is incorrect (i.e. you ordering the wrong product). . If you insist on us canceling your order after the 10 minute grace period, a $50 restock fee will be deducted from the total you paid. EXAMPLE: If you order at 1:00pm and want to cancel your order 15 minutes later, a $50 restock fee will be deducted from the total you paid. YOU CANNOT CANCEL AN ORDER HOURS, A DAY, OR DAYS AFTER YOUR ORDER IS PLACED!!! If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at
  • I ordered during a glitch, will I still receive my order?
    If you ordered during a glitch, then it must be your lucky day! Here at Kad Black Hair Extensions, we honor all glitch orders. For example, if you purchase a 4x4 premade closure wig off our website, we will send you a 5x5 HD closure wig instead, for no additional charge. We no longer sell 4x4 premade closure wigs, therefore the system did a glitch and we have to give your something of equal value or better.
  • I ordered from Kad Black Hair Extensions, but my sylist ruined the quality of the hair. Do you all send a replacement?"
    If your stylist damage your bundles, wigs, closure, or frontals, we are not responsible and we will not be replacing it. To avoid this, we recommend you going to a professional hairstylist for all coloring services and installations. We take video recordings of all orders before shipping them out. Therefore, we know our quality and what can be acheived without products.
  • Since I can't cancel my order, can I refuse the package?"
    If your package was attempted to be delivered by UPS, DHL, or FedEx and you refused your package from Kad Black Hair Extensions, you will not be given a refund under any circumstances. All purchases are final.
  • What is the longest length of Kad Black Hair Extensions?
    Our Kad Black Hair Extensions start at 12 inches and go up to 38 inches.
  • How to choose the right texture of Kad Black Hair Extensions?
    Nobody really knows what texture they want, until they see the texture. So, to see what all the textures we offer, you can click the texture, when you click on the desired product you're interested in, and the correct picture of that texture will come on the screen.
  • How often should I wash my Kad Black Hair Extensions?
    We recommend you wash your Kad Black Hair Extensions before installing it or making a wig. Once you install your Kad Black Hair Extensions, please wash your hair every 2 weeks, at the least. If you're using your Kad Black Hair Extensions to make a wig, we recommend you wash your wig weekly. Recommeded products for your Kad Black Hair Extensions and natural hair Silicon Mix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo + Hair Treatment 16oz You can purchase the products below from Amazon or Target.
  • How are Kad Black Hair Extensions different?
    Kad Black Hair Extensions is different from other companies because we offer nothing but the best. For example, you can order our KiKi Italian Curly hair extensions and you can straighten it, curl it again, bleach it, dye it, wet it and go, and it would be still soft as ever. Kad Black Hair Extensions is an online hair company that can assure you that your money will not be wasted when you shop with us because, "Once you go Kad Black, you'll never go back."
  • What is the quality of Kad Black Hair Extensions?
    Kad Black Hair Extensions offer top quality hair extensions. We sell 100% virgin hair, which is known to be Mink Brazilian.
  • I realized that my shipping address is incorrect, but my package is out for delivery. What do I do?"
    Once you recieve your tracking number it is out of our control. Please contact the shipping carrier immediately. You can also track your package via email, "click delivery options", and pick up at a store location near you. Please take your time when it comes to entering shipping information. You have approxiamtely 10 minutes to cancel your order. If you do not notice your address is incorrect after 10 minutes, we have to move on with processing and shipping.
  • Do you do local deliveries?
    No, we are an online store only. Therefore, all orders must place on our website and shipped out only!
  • My package is saying delivered, but it is not at my home."
    Shipping carriers tend to mark packages delivered and then they have a shift change. Please give it another 1-2 business days. Most times, it’s on the truck or at the plant. Also you can check your Fedex, UPS, or DHL office. Your package is indeed insured where you can file an insurance claim. Please be advised that once the package is marked delivered, our company no longer have control. We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items once they leave our facility. All orders are insured and a claim can be filed via
  • What do I do if I see a message when I track my package?
    Please allow 24-72 bussiness hours for your tracking number to update.
  • Do you offer overnight shipping?
    No, we do not offer overnight shipping.
  • What will happen if I am not home to sign for my package?
    If you are unable to sign for your package, you will have to go to a UPS, USPS, or Fedex store near you to retrieve it. Please have a valid picture I.D. with you.
  • How long does it take for Custom wigs to be made?
    Custom wigs can take up to 7-21 business days to be made and shipped out, unless stated otherwise in the description.
  • What shipping carriers do you use to ship custom units?
    Our custom units are shipped via UPS with signature confirmation for U.S. orders and DHL for International orders.
  • Can I refund or exchange my custom wig?
    Due to wigs being completely custom to the customer, we cannot offer any refunds or exchanges.
  • What hair is being used to make the custom units? Can we send in our own hair?
    All custom units are made with Kad Black Hair Extensions bundles and frontals/or closures. We do not use any other hair to make our custom units. Raw collection and Virgin collection custom wig prices are different.
  • How do I provide the correct measurements?
    To provide the correct measurements, we recommed you following the example below. This example if perfect if you want your wig to fit your head and your head only. If you want to measure only your circumference, please choose the wig size that's close to your circumference measurement. Example, if your measurement for your circumference is a 19.8, you will need to order a size XS in wigs.
  • I recieved my custom unit in the mail, but it's too big or too small."
    We make custom units based off your measurements. If you provide us with the incorrect measurements, unfortunately, you will have to keep that unit and reorder another one.
  • I ordered before a sale, can I cancel, or get a price difference?
    We thank you for shopping with us. Unfortunately if you ordered right before a sale has been advertised, we cannot cancel your order, or give price differentials. Due to the overload of orders we get, we start processing orders as soon as we close for the day. We apologize for any inconvenience. All of our sales and marketing are scheduled a year in advance. Subscribe to our email for more updates!
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